Jenny'S Strength

Jenny was a 36-year-old mother of two girls and a loving wife.  She was a stay-at-home mom, dedicated to raising her two girls.  Her family was active in church and her joy was working in the church nursery, taking care of babies.  Jenny was known for her love of children – not only the babies at church but her daughters, nieces and nephews.  Her passion was children and gift-giving:  She loved to pour out gifts on her family and her girls.  If a family member had a birthday or special event, they were guaranteed to receive a special gift from Jenny.   When Jenny was around, whether with friends or family, there was laughter.  Her happiness was contagious.

Suddenly, the family noticed changes in Jenny’s routine and she began to sleep the days away.  In April, 2007, Jenny was diagnosed with glioblastoma and endured two brain surgeries in a week’s time.  The prognosis was bleak; however, Jenny rallied on through many surgeries and treatments.  We were blessed to have Jenny with us until her passing in January, 2012.  The struggle was hard, but the family learned that life is precious, valuable, and that in the worst of circumstances, compassion brings light and hope.

Spencer and Sydney's Story

Jenny’s daughters, Spencer and Sydney, know firsthand the trials of living with a loved one who is dealing with serious illness.  Their mom was very devoted and dedicated in her role as a mom and all of a sudden, overnight, she was no longer able to completely function in that capacity.  It turned their world upside down.  As adults, it is hard for us to comprehend how these changes can affect a child.  The family unit was disrupted but extended family members jumped in to help.  In addition, loving friends and church members came alongside to fill the gap.

Spencer and Sydney are now wonderful young ladies, active in church, busy with friends, and they are excelling in school.  Their experience led them to think of other children who may be enduring similar difficulties because of an ill parent.  They considered how a simple act of love – providing a Pillow Pet – and a measure of support and compassion could be instrumental in helping hurting children.  We are so proud of them.